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Payment Methods for our Food Delivery Service

How can I pay for my order?

Orders can be paid for using all major Credit & Debit Cards online through our website. We require payment to be made before the order can be delivered.

Is your website and therefore my payment details secure?

Yes! All traffic on our website is encrypted between your browser and our servers which are in a highly secure environment. We encrypt all our data and have a robust security policy to ensure no unauthorised access. All payments are processed through our payments partner Stripe who are industry leading. We are fully PCI compliant so you can be safe in the knowledge that your data is safe with us.

Why do you pre-authorise payment?

As we allow orders to be made up to two weeks in advance, we cannot always be sure what will be in stock at the point of delivery although we generally manage to maintain a consistent level across our range. We also find that customers tend to add to their orders ahead of delivery so when you place the order we don't actually collect the money, we simply "ringfence" it ready for when we know the final total. During this time, the charge may show in your account as Pending.

How will the charge appear in my account?

Any charges made by us will always start with DART FRESH* and will then be followed by ORDER #### which will be the Order ID generated when you place the order and is included in your confirmation email.

Why is there sometimes a second charge?

Where additional items are added, we collect the initial pre-authorised amount and then make a secondary charge for the additional amount (if it is above 30p). To make this nice and clear, this will appear in your account as DART FRESH* ADDON #### showing that it is for additional items added onto the corresponding order.

My bank account is showing the money being taken twice! Why?

We have found that some banks, namely Natwest (and other group companies such as RBS & Ulster Bank) and Lloyds seem to be quite slow at reconciling the pre-authorised charge, and this actually being collected, which can at times then display in your account as two transactions.

We have robust systems in place that prevent an order being charged twice so you can be confident that only one charge has been made, the banks generally manage to update their records within a couple of days.

My card won't process through your website! Help?

When you attempt to make a payment, we make a number of checks before collecting the payment. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) we check to ensure there are no markers or patterns to the transaction that could indicate that someone is trying to use the card fraudulently.

If this test is passed we then contact the card provider and/or bank to request the transaction be processed. Sometimes they will respond to us with a decline message and at which point we cannot proceed. There can be any number of reasons for this to occur ranging from the bank having put a stop on the card through to there being not enough money in the account. If the card is declined, quite often trying again will work so we would advise that.

I'm having difficulties in making the payment, what can I do?

If you are having problems with payment through the website, you can always speak to us and we will be happy to help you. Please call us on 01392 873 036 and we'll resolve the issues for you.